Procreating, By The Millions, Posthumously
1. Bloom14 (36 mins, 3 secs)
Recorded live on The Space Parlour, KDHX 88.1FM Saint Louis Community Radio on March 5th, 2009. Engineered by Jon Valley. Mastered by Eric Hall. Special Thanks to Nick Acquisto.
2. MegaKurage (39 mins, 33 secs)
20 different live recordings of N. Nomurai (made between August 24th, 2008 and August 14th, 2009) played simultaneously. All recordings were engineered by Eric Hall and/or Jeremy Brantlinger. Mastered by Eric Hall. All individual recordings are available as streams or free downloads from the Live Archives section of our site.
*This limited edition CD release comes in a handmade vellum and cardstock package with red and black stamped images and text and a stamped Shrinky-Dink piece that holds the disc in place with velcro. (See pictures below.)

Various Artists- The Space Parlour: Live In St. Louis Series 2009
Features live tracks from Pokey Lafarge, Glass Teeth, Kristeen Young, Tight Pants Syndrome, Paper Dolls, The May Day Orchestra, The Pat Sajak Assassins, N. Nomurai, So Many Dynamos, Rum Drum Ramblers, and The Ottomen.